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My True Names

Autobiographical Novel

The third volume of Dyana’s Pacific-spanning and generation-spanning trilogy, answering many questions of the meaning of life in our confusing modern world.

Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy

All three books now available!

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Special Discount

Save on books one and two

We’re celebrating the launch of Book 3, and you can celebrate too with 25% off Books 1 and 2!!

Book 3 Events

November 19, 2020

Book 3 Launch, Raglan Old School Arts Centre

7:00pm, Stewart Street, Raglan, Waikato, New Zealand

words – wine – whimsy – wonder – wit

Hear Dyana's full Book Three interview on Raglan Community Radio

November, December 2020

Open Ground Art Gallery

Open weekends and by appointment, Lily Street, Raglan, Waikato NZ

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