About Dyana

india-with-bicycle-500pxDyana Wells has taught chemistry, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy and meditation for the past 25 years, including at a natural therapies college, and more recently on a yoga teacher training program, where she is a director.

The focus of all Dyana’s investigating and avid questioning has been to understand life and how to live well. She has a BSc majoring in Botany and Zoology,  MA (Hons) in philosophy; MCW (Hons) in creative writing,  Dip Yoga Therapy from Wellpark College, and a Cert Counselling.

Dyana has been studying Tibetan Buddhadharma for the past 30 years, in the lineage of Canadian Namygal Rinpoche. She regularly embarks on long retreats to deepen her understanding of meditation, the nature of mind and the purpose of life.

Dyana lives in a small seaside village overlooking the Hauraki Gulf, where she writes and gardens, and has three children and four grandchildren. She teaches regularly in Auckland city.

The Yoga of Sailing is the debut novel in Dyana’s trilogy Anchors in an Open Sea. Buddha and a Boat continues the story.

A Passion for Life

I’ve lived most of my life around the sea, as a child on my grandfather’s boat around Raglan harbour, right up to this year’s cruising around the Hauraki Gulf with my younger sister, a master mariner.
And in between there’s been sailing, swimming, snorkelling and seafood extravaganzas across the Pacific Ocean a number of times, visiting many tropical islands.

Offshore cruising is often not a cruise! That’s right. An apparently simple journey from Auckland to Fiji can be both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures, thrown around the boat, throwing up over the rails and throwing wet clothes down in disgust. Only to surface the next day, still weary but somehow reinvigorated by a deep love of the ocean and its wonderful embrace.

I’ve an ardent love for the bigger adventures, both in sailing and life. “What is life?” and “Who am I?” have been constant question companions, launching me into quests through science, philosophy, spirituality … and love!

Dyana Wells, tramperMy journey from city mother to sailing traveller revealed that meaning and independence were far greater lures than the suburban lifestyle offered. And I was so fortunate to have eager children, ready for each new adventure, and a father willing to undertake ocean voyages almost at the drop of a sailing cap.

Feet on the ground at times did lead to mountain adventures in the magnificent New Zealand ranges and bush reserves, and long retreats in places like Galiano Island


Sailor. Isn’t it the sea that tells us about ourselves, waves tumultuous or calm rolling within. The tides pulled by the moon and spinning earth. Earth-shaped sea.

Spiritual practitioner. So many times I left to explore the inner landscapes of my mind. Aglow on the inside, feasting on glimmerings of mystery spun from love. Beauty breaking through to the outside.

Tramper. As far away from humans suited me better for a time. Lost in primordial landscapes, without a thought, become an animal body, sweaty, heaving, longing only for my next breath.

Teacher of meditation and Buddha dharma. How can you say what you don’t know? How can you know what needs to be said? How wondrous is a conversation shaped by real question. How long does an answer last?

Author. I have a story i need to tell. I learned to write so I could tell this story. It has many colours and flavours. At times it is beautiful, at times dull and always repetitive. I have lived this story over and over because it fascinates me and I am reborn every time I tell it.

Dyana Wells, cyclistYogi. How did the mind separate out from the wondrous body of experience? Body, the world-creating master computer of all time. In league with awareness. Feeling, sensation, connection to the wellspring of life. A tragic confusion arose between the living and the dead when arrogant concept discarded its body of reality.

Cyclist. Smelling the wild flowers tasting the breeze, pedals rolling over and over tuning my mind to the spacious fullness of nothing more than this simple questing back into life.