Body and Mind in Balance

Flexibility, stability and integration



2019 Timetable

with Dyana Wells


Dyana brings 30 years of investigation and teaching in Buddhist Philosophy, Yoga, Somatics, Kum Nye, and Anatomy & Physiology to her classes.

Dyana’s new home is Raglan. She will continue to share her deep commitment to the human journey, and support others in their desire to live from a good heart in the midst of daily activity.


Open Ground classes will begin on June 25th

During the Tuesday and Thursday sessions we will look at how to:

  • increase your strength, fitness and vitality

  • cultivate awareness, concentration and enthusiasm

  • free yourself from unwanted tension and confusion

  • enjoy a full, more creative life


Exercises to increase freedom and vitality, based on neuromuscular insights  into brain plasticity.

Kum Nye

A Tibetan Yoga which works directly with the energy body through slow movement and meditation.


We make friends with our heart/minds by paying attention. Change is then possible.

Buddhist and Yoga Philosophy

How we understand our lives is reflected in how well we live them. 

Meditating on the Body

A very good place to start meditating is with the body. We begin by coming close to the body, settling into the sensations, feelings, allowing the mind to soften and settle, allowing the mind to become focused and spacious. Progressing in this way we then turn our attention to the emotions, and thoughts, and finally of the nature of mind itself.

Creative Visualisation

Through creative visualisation we discover the aspects of ourselves that can nurture and support us in times of difficulty. Humans have a tendency to focus and exaggerate the negative. Creative visualisation taps into deeper, more positive aspects of self to bring us back into balance.

Raising Consciousness

Through meditation we bring to consciousness parts of ourselves that have been forgotten, pushed away, never known. We come to know ourselves in a much richer way, giving us choices about how we are in different circumstances. What we are conscious of, we can change. Meditation speeds up growth and enables us to transform suffering into wisdom. 

Embrace our Humanness

Through meditation we discover new ways to embrace our humanness. We discover that happiness is readily available when we can welcome both our strengths and weaknesses, our successes and failures. There is a great freedom in this happiness.

PLUS! OpenGround workshops begin later in 2109

Saturdays from mid-year 2019

The Five Elements and how to use their powers

All experience can be understood in terms of the elements. Our power for living comes from our emotions and the emotions are the energies of the elements. When these energies are purified and in balance we live creative compassionate lives.

These workshops are an opportunity to play, experiment and explore deeply in a supportive environment. 

Sundays from mid-year 2019

The Anatomy of Movement

This course is suitable for both yoga teachers, students and anyone with an interest in the human body. 

You will understand how the body moves and what gets in the way. You will understand why pain arrives and how to find relief.

Book Launch mid-year 2019

My True Names, the third novel in Dyana’s autobiographical trilogy, will be published mid-year 2019.

Alice and Cornelius sail away on an adventure of a lifetime.
Alice learns the most important lesson in her life.  


The Yoga of Sailing

Alice knows her wondrous mystical experiences don’t last, they don’t solve anything, but she’s stuck. Ordinary life seems mediocre and unfulfilling. She can’t let any of it go.

Buddha and a Boat

When Alice goes cycling around Vanuatu, she unravels esoteric teachings from her meditation retreats.  She starts to see why she is the way she is – why her mystical experiences are so compelling and why her relationships are so difficult.

Best descriptions of sailing I’ve ever read.

Brings Buddhist wisdom alive for modern times.

Adventure and romance on the high seas.  

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The Symphonic Body

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How much of my body is my friend?

How much of my body is my friend?

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