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Dyana has completed the Diploma of Creativity with the Learning Connection in Wellington.

She exhibits regularly with RaglanArt and currently has work in the Raglan Old School and Raglan’s new iHub information centre alongside the Museum.

She works in a wide variety of mediums, including Acrylic, Watercolour, Print Making and Encaustic.

Just Published

My True Names, the third in Dyana’s autobiographical trilogy.

Alice and Cornelius sail away on an adventure of a lifetime. Alice learns the most important lesson in her life.

Available online and at Raglan boutiques

The Yoga of Sailing

Alice knows her wondrous mystical experiences don’t last, they don’t solve anything, but she’s stuck. Ordinary life seems mediocre and unfulfilling. She can’t let any of it go.

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Buddha and a Boat

When Alice goes cycling around Vanuatu, she unravels esoteric teachings from her meditation retreats.  She starts to see why she is the way she is – why her mystical experiences are so compelling and why her relationships are so difficult.

Relearning Healthy Movement – Somatic Practice and Kum Nye

These gentle movement classes use simple exercises done with attention and enthusiasm to break down inflexible, rigid movement restrictions and allow the brain to create more freedom and integration in our movement.

The exercises are based on new findings from neuromuscular research and are used to guide students to somatic intelligence and ease. After a few lessons you will be moving with less pain, less effort and more pleasure.

Suitable for sports people, yogis, older people, anyone wanting to regain their full range of movement, to move in a natural stress-free way, and to become pain free.

Many modern diseases are rooted in contracted, restricted movement. Because we aren’t conscious of what our bodies are doing we can’t bring about the changes needed to restore health. It isn’t difficult.

In these classes we will make friends with our bodies, we will learn how to relax while moving, to pay attention and be interested in our movement, and to listen rather than control. We all know how to move gracefully. We just need to get out of the way and allow this to happen.

Somatics is a skilful way of learning how to do this.

These are open classes suitable for beginners and experienced students.

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Creative Processes

Stay up to date with my classes, workshops, books and art. Every so often I’ll provide a background piece on one of my activities.

Introduction to Qigong and Five Element theory

Introduction to Qigong and Five Element theory

Qigong is an energy system developed in China between 4000 and 8000 years ago for strengthening and directing life force energy through the body. Ancient Chinese sages and healers observed the natural world, its cycles and seasons, the movements and habits of animals,...

Taoist Cosmology and Five Element Theory

Taoist Cosmology and Five Element Theory

In Taoist cosmology, first there was the tai chi, the oneness or great source. This gave birth to the opposite principles of yin and yang which, when aligned in the body, are known as the tai chi axis. From the balanced duality of yin and yang arose the five elements:...

Understanding Fire in Five Element Theory

Understanding Fire in Five Element Theory

From the bursting forth of new growth and aliveness in spring comes the ripeness and fullness of summer. Observing summer helps us understand the fire element in five element theory.  Fire is associated with passion and spirit. Fire is represented by the bright red...

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