Dyana Wells was drawn to art when her colourful writing had completed its first expression in her Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy.

After dipping her toe in a community painting group, Dyana decided to undertake a full year of study with The Learning Connection.


After her move to Raglan, Dyana was delighted to discover a very active creative community in the town, and has joined both an art group and a writers collective.

Certificate Course

Most of the work on this page is from Dyana’s one-year TLC certificate in creativity.




Assemblage and Found Objects

Dyana’s long history of living on the coast for extended periods has informed both her writing and her art.

Driftwood, seaweed, moss, leaves, rocks, pebbles, fabric remnants and shells are often to be seen included in her art.

Mixed Media

Oil Sticks


Screen Prints


Lino Prints

A Human Journey

The Circle of Life

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