My Journey

24 Lily Street, Raglan, Waikato 3225
New Zealand Aotearoa

Open by appointment  0278-954-713

What I Learn

At the moment my paintings and pictures are my teachers as I learn about the impact of contrast, and colour and shape. I am learning the art of listening to my work and letting myself be guided by the meaning that wants to come through.

I am learning about myself through my art.

My life has always been about exploring deeply whatever calls me. I am wanting to be transformed in the process and so that I understand a little more what it means to be alive.

I am fascinated in the process of living and what it means to be a human being.  Art seems to penetrate these questions very deeply.

My academic training has been in science and philosophy. Most of my life I have orientated myself around the spiritual tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

I am now in the fortunate situation of being able to find the time and space to explore art.

I am finding the tactile, messy unpredictable nature of printmaking and collage and mixed media totally enthralling. It takes me back to when I was a young girl cutting, pasting, constructing and messing to my heart content.

Now I am free to do this again.  What joy!

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