The third autobiographical novel in the
Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy.

Accepting life fully as it is  …

Alice and Cornelius embark on the adventure of a lifetime – from Fiji through Vanuatu, and the Solomon archipelago into the pristine islands of Papua New Guinea.

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The crystal clear water abound with tropical fish and coral,  gardens and lush jungle flourish on the volcanic islands. Alice is transformed on this journey. Nourished by the good heart of the local people and supported by the land and sea, she finally makes peace with the nightmares living inside her.

The old, wiser Alice is now teaching Buddha Dharma. Her daughter Charlotte, dispirited about what humans do to themselves and others, comes to study with her. Alice introduces her to the Foundation Teaching of Buddhism and to Tantra, so that Charlotte too may accept this human life and work for the benefit of all beings.