The second autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy.

Digging deeper when life falls apart

When Alice, Roger and Cornelius set sail from Fiji for Vanuatu and New Caledonia the adventure continues. Lessons are learned and wisdoms shared.

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The pain in Cornelius’s leg speaks to an extreme discomfort with life.  Alice explores Buddhist teachings when she goes cycling around Vanuatu, and reflects on her early life as she hitch-hikes around New Caledonia. She starts to see why she is the way she is. When some of the family visit from New Zealand the pressure builds to explosive and she falls apart.

We also see Alice as an older woman, softer and wiser. She is with her children, now almost the age she was when she went sailing and she bring a deeper insight to their lives. Somehow she has succeeded in bringing  the mystical and the mundane together. We don’t know how she did it, or exactly what that means, but we do see that she is different, and that she has something to share.

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