The first autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy.

Leap-frogging life to encounter the mystical  …

Sailing is the protagonist of the story – thrashing sails, extravagant wind, confused sea, sea sickness.  Join Alice, her daughter Emily, father Roger and lover Cornelius on a adventure through the Pacific.

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This story captures the detail, the beauty and poignant conflicts that disorientate Alice. She is searching but she doesn’t understand what she is searching for, so she questions it all, and frustrates everyone around her.

Her determination to find meaning on an ocean wave, turns into an adventure that is both illuminating and disturbing.

She rides the inner and outer storms of each new experience – sailing, cycling, backpacking – and falls into an encounter with life that is mystical and rugged.

Meet Alice on this journey through the wind and land and wide seascapes, where the lens of fantasy and intense desire builds to a climax of courageous confusion.