The Yoga of Sailing

Leaping free from the world into spiritual experience.

The Yoga of Sailing is the first autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy by Dyana Wells.

book-1-cover-v9-i4-300pxSailing – a life on the ocean that can be like an extreme sport, with all the pressures, emergencies, delights and exhilarations.

Alice enjoys sailing, the thrill, the exhilarating physicality of the tug of war with nature. That’s with nature, not against it, because Alice feels more in tune with the sea and land and wide seascapes than, often times, her family.

Alice’s determination to investigate the real meaning of life, on an ocean wave, turns into an adventure that’s revealing and disturbing. She rides the inner and outer storms of each new experience – sailing, cycling, backpacking – and falls into an encounter with life that is mystical and earthy.

fiji-map-300pxThe Yoga of Sailing details the true life adventures, and thrills and spills of Alice, her daughter and father as they meet challenges on a small yacht in a large ocean. Fiji becomes the backdrop for family adventure and melt downs.

When a new man sweeps her off her feet, it leads to romance, passion and heroic confusion. And all the while Alice keeps juggling the spiritual and the physical. The natural world was Alice’s retreat – now who or what is supporting her?

Join an intrepid journey that is poignant, funny and inspiring.

The Yoga of Sailing is book one of the Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy by Dyana Wells.

Click for details and to orderWhat drives the desire for spiritual experiences? 

What is this human life? 

These and many other questions are explored by Alice and her family.

The Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy is packed full of sailing adventures and romance, never far from the search for meaning and love. Alice explores life in the Pacific islands – sailing, cycling and backpacking – to find her answers.

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