Somatics and Mindfulness with Dyana Wells

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Module

and Professional Development for Yoga Students and Teachers


In this course we will be exploring the principles of somatic movement, diving deep to see how adaption to life circumstances creates difficult movement patterns, emotions and unhealthy organ function. We will learn how to work with the body to restore natural movement in a safe effective way

Students will study musclo-skeletal anatomy and function in depth to understand how they are doing what they are doing, and why somatic exercises are so effective. They will learn the principles of neuro-muscular reprogramming to understanding the interaction between the brain and the muscles.

The course incorporates Buddhist principles and practice, in particular the foundation practices of mindfulness, Tibetan Kum Nye yoga exercises and the four Brahma Viharas – loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity. We heal through the mind, the energy body and the physical body, and in this course we will be exploring the different ways these bodies work and interact to restore healith

Teaching practice is a key part of the training and students will have plenty of opportunity to practice their teaching in front of the small group and receive constructive feedback from the teacher and the other students.

Dyana Wells, yoga teacher training and mindfulness workshopsSchedule

7:30–9:00am. Somatics practice.

9:30–12:00pm. Yoga Philosophy from a Buddhist perspective. Mindfulness practices including Kum Nye. The Brahma Viharas theory and practice.

12:00–1:30pm. Applied anatomy theory and practice. Bones, joints, muscles, anatomy trains, Neuro-muscular reprogramming. Theory of somatic reeducation. How we learn movement patterns.

Dyana Wells and Somatic exercises1:30–2:30pm. Lunch.

2:30–3:30pm. Applied Anatomy.

3:30–4:30pm. Teaching practice.

4:30–6:00pm. A yoga Class incorporating somatice principles.

Two 4-Day Workshops

7:30am to 6:00pm daily

Thur 13 to Sun 16 July

Thur 10 to Sun 13 Aug


Email Dyana for details:
Dyana Wells, Somatics and Mindfulness 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Courses are held in Remuera and Saint Heliers, Auckland, New Zealand

300-Hour YTT Accreditation Option

Can provide 72 hours towards a Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training 300-Hour accreditation.
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