The Anatomy of Movement

7-week workshop series, Sunday mornings from mid-year 2019

Theory with practical exploration for an in-depth enquiry into the biomechanics of movement. 

An opportunity for students and teachers of yoga to increase their understanding of the way the body moves in relationship to yoga and other body practices.

Essential training in functional anatomy for all students and teachers of yoga and movement.

These workshops are a hands-on investigation into the musculoskeletal system, with an emphasis on examining both healthy and dysfunctional movement patterns. We will relate our learning to yoga and other movement disciplines. 

After these workshops you will be able to practice and move more effectively, kindly and with an informed curiosity about what is happening in your body. 

We will be looking closely at breathing, walking, reaching and the core muscles of the body, including the psoas. Movement is about stability, mobility and integration. 

You will also understand why different kinds of breathing bring different physical and emotional benefits. You will understand the effect of trauma on movement and why so much injury is due to unhealthy and disconnected movement patterns.

There will be theory, model-making and exploratory practices to integrate and embody your learning.

Series One 2019

Sundays, 9:30am to 12:30pm




$45 per morning


5 days for the price of 4

$180 (save $45)

Bank Transfer

ANZ 11-5345-0240619-01


Small fees will apply

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Contact Dyana to register your interest and for more information, dyanawells[@]

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