Anchors in an Open Sea trilogy

Fantasy, dream and reality


Coming mid-year 2019

Accepting life fully as it is

The troubling faces of love

from confusion to clarity

Alice is determined to find clarity within the confusion of her personal experience.
Buddhist teaching and spiritual experience can foster wisdom and compassion, or they can increase bewilderment and isolation.
Alice’s journey from exile back into the fullness of a good heart is one we all have to make. 
Alice sailed the world, trekked up mountains, cycled around coastlines, and raised a family. She is a seeker who threw herself again and again into the arms of a mystical encounter, until she found a way to stay present in her ordinary life.
When she was finally able to bring an open heart to the full discomfort of ordinary living, everything changed.

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Leap-frogging life to encounter the mystical

Digging deeper when life falls apart

Immerse yourself in a Kiwi Adventure …

 Alice, her daughter and 78 year old father set out for Fiji on a tired old ketch and sail straight into a storm.


Alice has an intense curiosity about life, a stubborn determination to explore and turn every day into an  adventure.  You will find ….

  • The descriptions of sailing, cycling and trekking absorbing and beautifully written;

  • The Buddhist undercurrent thought provoking ;

  • The romance seductive and torturous;

  • The trials of family life with a mother, who is both exciting and frustratingly self-focused, familiar.

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