Dyana Wells is a co-founder with Karl Brodie, Neal Ghoshal, Vincent Bolletta and Brian Thurogood of a new training facility, the Centre for Contemporary Yoga Studies, which is based in Remuera. This centre was created when it became apparent to the teachers, after three years teaching together, that they had something unique to offer as a team.

As individuals they are all committed to investigation, excellence and a passionate enquiry of yoga. As individuals they pursued slightly different approaches and yet when their approaches were integrated the result was like a yoga crystal ball, through which their students were discovering their own authentic understanding of yoga and their own voice as teachers.

Yoga is not a fixed dogma, it is a journey, an investigation, unique to every individual. 

The teachers at the Centre for Contemporary Yoga studies are all specialists in their fields, they have trained over many years with the best international teachers; they are contemporary, investigating and reshaping their own understandings, testing and incorporating discoveries in related fields.

Dyana Wells, nature

Dance, structural and functional body therapy, somatics, body-mind centering practices and connective tissue revelations all enrich the yoga conversations going on world-wide today. Our centre offers this richly explorative modern approach to yoga.

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