Wise Body Workshops with Dyana Wells 2017

Monthly Sunday workshops with a focus on the Brahama Viharas
Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity

elements-avatar-the-last-airbenderSeries One: A program of discussion and exploration into our kind heart and expansive body.

Coming home to the body is the first step of healing, using Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Creative Visualisation and Drawing.

We begin each workshop with Somatic exercises to help release the body from fixed, restrictive movement patterns. When the body moves naturally and powerful our mind feels free and empowered.

Elements connect us to our experience. Through the elements we know the world we live in. We will explore the elements through yoga and movement.

Earth (session 1) is considered a manifestation of loving kindness. Our core meditations will be to connect through the Earth to this loving energy and to work directly with the quality of loving kindness for ourselves and then for others.

Water (session 2) embodies feeling, cohesion – qualities that connect us to ourselves and other people. Feeling is the foundation of compassion. First we must find the courage to stay present to our own feelings – in particular painful feelings – with compassion.

Wise Body workshops with Dyana WellsFire (session 3) shows us intensity, power and passion, warmth and vitality. Fire connects us to our own experience of joy and allows us to experience sympathetic joy for others. Through fire we know the world we live in.

In Air (session 4) we find equanimity – freedom from preferences, our likes, dislikes and indifferences. With equanimity we see other people clearly, without judgement, just as they are.

Space (session 5) allows us bring all elements together and provides an opportunity to deal with difficult emotions.

Asana practices (all sessions) will focus on embodying the element we are studying and seeing how it shapes movement and expression.

 Creative Visualisations – each session allows us to investigate any difficult feelings that arise, leading to a sense of appreciation and joy in our lives and those around us.

The power and delightful vitality that naturally arises when we fully inhabit our sensing, moving body brings our muscles to an alert state, while we become playfully, creatively and triumphantly alive.

Dates: March 12, April 9, May 7, June 4, July 2.

Hours: 9:30am–4:30pm

Venue: Contemporary Yoga, 351 Remuera Road, Auckland 1050


5-Week Course $400 (save $100). Single workshops $100.


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