7-Day Intensive Retreat

Movement and Meditation. Revitalise yourself from the inside out. Become more engaged and open in your ordinary life.

An intensive retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in movement and meditation with the support of like-minded people. It is an excellent way to bring about significant change both in body and mind. Enjoy the nourishment and healing of deep investigation and relaxation. Contact and rest in the stillness of the body, the silence within and the open space of the mind.

Especially formulated for those students who aren’t able to attend weekly classes. However it would suit anyone keen to discover the benefit of a full immersion in movement and meditation for a week. This kind of intensive, with teachings and practice, enables profound personal transformation to take place.

This is a non-residential retreat so out-of-town students will need to find nearby accommodation. We can help with this.

Dates to be announced

The days will follow this general structure but may change depending on the interests of the students.

7:30am–9:30am: Morning class of Kum Nye and Mindfulness Meditation.

Break: Breakfast and personal exploration.

10:30am–12:30pm: Teaching and discussion.

Break: Personal practice, lunch and rest.

2:00pm–3:30pm: Somatics class with relevant anatomy.

Break: Open session. Personal practice, dinner and rest.

7:30pm–9:00pm. Guided Body and Loving Kindness meditations.

There will be time for personal interviews and guidance as required.

This is an excellent opportunity for those new to meditation and for more advanced practitioners who wish to deepen their practice and explore new pathways.

Contact Dyana to register your interest and for more information, dyanawells[@]gmail.com

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